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Struggling to hire offshore developers?

Hiring tech talent is no brainer for startups. The talent that they are hunting for, is scarce and expensive. From climbing tech talent shortage to burgeoning competition – the struggle is real!

Tech Talent Shortage

The no 1 challenge for emerging startups is to source highly qualified software engineers is the talent shortage. The dearth of niche skills and rising demands have created an imbalance in the ecosystem.

Prolonged Hiring Processes

A lot of technical aspects are associated with engineering positions. Matching the right skills with the right job is time-consuming, making the hiring process lengthy.

Unstructured Interview Processes

Founders – having a lot on their plate, might not put much thought into their interview process. It often results in wrong hiring and a substandard candidate experience.

Cut-throat Competition

Early-stage founders compete with larger, better-funded tech behemoths in this war for talent. Developers tend to choose bigger paychecks and benefits.

Employer brand

75% of job seekers consider the employer’s reputation before applying. Establishing a reputation when a business is just getting off the ground is difficult for startups.

Technical proficiency

Most non-tech founders often face challenges in finding the right talent. They are unable to run an effective vetting process to match qualified engineers.

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Why Default?

Default goes one step ahead to help companies get started without worrying about the hiring chaos.

Hire within 3 days

Save time on tedious recruitment and hiring. You can start working on your project in as little as 3 days thanks to our structured, efficient, and quick hiring funnel and flexible pay modules!

Rigorous Vetting

We do the heavy lifting of scanning and ruling out the wrong candidates, so you don’t have to. Our diligent and meticulous testing process ensures only the top talent sweeps into the hiring pool.

Seamless Collaboration

Every remote developer for hire in our network can collaborate with your team without hassles. Our engineers know how to work productively with globally distributed teams.

Timezone Aligned

Seize the advantage of round-the-clock operations and efficiency with dedicated remote developers. Our vetted candidates are available to work across time zones.

Flexible Engagement

Control the length of the engineer’s engagement as per your requirements. Our plug-and-play model ensures your developers are ready to work from day one!

Guaranteed Closures

We ensure the ideal fit by matching your job requirements and company culture with screened software programmers for hire. Our closure rates are as high as 80%.

Services our developers are skilled at

Web development

Improve your brand visibility through custom websites and other web solutions.

App development

Get innovative iOS and Android applications designed to delight your customers.

SaaS development

Leverage cutting-edge tech to get modern SaaS products.

MVP development

Collect valuable feedback from early customers by launching your MVP.

eCommerce Development

Get an aesthetic, functional, scalable, and impactful online presence.

UI/UX Design

Let our experts manage visual aesthetics and business objectives.

Hire remote software engineers in 4 easy steps

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Describe your need

Tell us the product you want to build, the tech skills you prefer, the number of developers needed, the duration of your project, and the desired workflow. We will shortlist the ideal candidates for you based on these criteria.


Review Profiles

Our team evaluates and vets the developers based on their background, technical proficiency, interpersonal, communication, and collaborative abilities. The profiles of vetted candidates are presented to you for shortlisting.


Conduct Interviews

The final round of interviews is conducted when you shortlist the candidates. Default’s SIT (Screen-Interview-Test) model ensures that the selected candidates are not just a technical fit but also a cultural fit for your business.


Work with Top Talent

Whether you’re looking to hire overseas developers or an entire development team, our engineers work as an extended arm of your current team. Go to market faster and scale your business with expert software programmers for hire.

Our technology landscape

Hire remote software engineers proficient in the latest tools, modern frameworks, and evergreen technologies. Whether you’re looking to build a blockchain product or an eCommerce platform – we have you covered!



Node JS


React Native


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Technologies we work on

20+ skills supported across various platforms and tech stacks.

Hire Developers

Why hire remote Developers?

Reduce Costs

Scale back office-associated costs like furniture, rent, electricity bills, cleaners, and office supplies, and bring significant business savings by hiring software developers for your startup.

Access International Talent

Break free from the shackles of local hiring by going global. Hiring a remote developer team goes beyond geographical boundaries, and you leverage the benefits of reduced employability costs with minimal obligations.

Gain Competitive Edge

Startups face a plethora of challenges while hiring independent contractors in India. Remote hiring allows them to stand out from the crowd by offering flexible schedules and better work-life balance.

Niche Technology Experts

With the advent of new technologies every day, finding top-tier developers with experience in your sector and technology stack is like going through a bottomless pit. Remote hiring solves this issue by breaking demographic barriers.

Improve Productivity

Remote employees have greater flexibility with schedules, do not spend time commuting to work, and experience better work-life balance. Hence they are often happier and more productive than their office counterparts.

Incorporate a Diverse Culture

If you’re a startup, having a diverse team by your side will add new perspectives to many aspects of your project and get more rounded and creative solutions to problems.

Our meticulous vetting process


We will help you select the best candidates and spot a software engineer who will fit in your company culturally. Our pre-hiring vetting of remote developers includes screening their technical capability, cultural fit, expertise, project experience, communication, collaboration, self-managed, proactiveness, and more.

Technical Tests

Our team conducts rigorous coding and programming tests to evaluate their technical abilities. We utilize a suite of high-end digital tools to screen the developers quickly and efficiently.

Structured Interviews

We seek a worry-free recruiting experience by having a structured and pore-planned interview process. This enables us to remove any bias and have a standard criterion when you are hiring software developers for your startup.

Fast-scaling Startups Trust Default

Still wondering how to hire remote developers? Worry no more! because we can, and we have done so many times in the past!

Skills to look for when hiring overseas developers

The success of a tech company lives and dies on the strength of its developers. Make sure you look for these skills before hiring remote engineers.

Programming Skills

The developers' language proficiency should align with your requirements. Besides, you must ensure the developer has an in-depth knowledge of trending technologies and rich industry experience.

Remote work experience

Remote working requires regular use of remote tools such as Slack, Trello, Basecamp, etc. Hiring remote developers well acquainted with such tools will help them collaborate with other team members easier and faster.

Communication Skills

Development expertise is no good if your developers cannot communicate with the manager, teammates, and other stakeholders. Good communication skills are one of the basic criteria for hiring remote software engineers.

Learning & Work Patterns

Your selection parameters must include the flexibility levels of the developers. Since all tech projects are subject to changing project demands and timelines, remote developers must have an adaptable and flexible approach to work.

Stellar Interpersonal Skills

For developers, team interactions and cohesiveness are equally important to the code they write. Check your developers' interpersonal skills by conducting personality assessment tests.

Creative & Innovative

A lot of aspects, such as the design, colors, and layout of the software play a major role in the development process. Creativity coupled with tech expertise enables engineers to solve problems much faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to hire remote developers in 2023?

To hire overseas software IT specialists, you must set the desired requirements for your project. Then, choose whether you want to hire a freelance developer or an agency. Finally, you would have to interview to decide whether the developer is the perfect fit for your job.

How much does hiring a remote software engineer cost?

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a remote software engineer in the US ranges between $90,000 to $100,000 per year. However, hiring independent contractors in India is much cheaper. It is about one-third of the above amount in India.

Can you do software development remotely?

You can definitely get software developed remotely. You can either outsource an agency or hire remote developers. A product development agency can handle your entire software development project. Similarly, remote developers can offer comparable services under your guidance. Choose the one that fits the needs of your business and aligns with your business software development goals and objectives.

Where to hire remote developers online?

Based on the necessary project requirements, you could either go to freelance marketplaces, job boards, or even LinkedIn. While you can find a lot of remote developers on all these platforms, they might not be vetted. You must weigh the pros and cons and decide what suits you best. On the contrary, Default is a one-stop to hire pre-vetted developers and outsource product development.

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