Fractional CTO services for your startup

For entrepreneurs who have taken on the bold challenge of creating a tech startup without any technical expertise – we are here to help.
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Are you struggling to hire a CTO?

Finding and hiring a CTO for an early-stage startup is an uphill battle. It's harder than finding investors.

High Remunerations

Being high in demand, CTOs can choose where they want to work and under which conditions. Enticing a rockstar CTO would either require big salaries or a huge chunk of equity.

Lack of shared vision

Is your startup idea compelling enough for the CTO to want to quit their cushy corporate? If your CTO doesn't share the same vision, they won't stick with you till the end.

Tech talent gap

Even if you’re willing to spend exceptional remuneration, the shortage of c-suite tech talent makes headhunting even more challenging.

Consequences of not having a CTO

The best startups worldwide are formed with a blend of domain knowledge and technology. As a non tech founder, you will need a tech expert on board to make technical decisions and augment the efforts of your core tech team.

Great founding teams understand the need for a dedicated tech guidance to help them walk far, walk fast, and lead the pack.

Contact us today if you -

Need dedicated technical guidance at the board level.

Want to deliver a high-quality product to your customers.

Don’t want to trade your equity in exchange for CTO services.

Fractional CTO services - The right choice for your startup

To lead a tech-driven startup, you need a leader to align your tech priorities with business goals. However, bringing in a chief technological officer at the early stages is downright challenging.

Our CTO services can bridge the gap by delivering support that is not only tailored to your business but also takes your startup off the ground.

What benefits can you expect from us?

A set roadmap with clear timelines and milestones.

A pool of vetted engineers and developers.

Consultation and advice on leveraging new technologies.

A streamlined process for product deliverables

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Roles and responsibilities of fractional CTOs

Strategy and Technology Advisory

Takes critical decisions about tech financing and governs which internal technologies are selected and put into use.

Architectural decision-making

Constructs the digital product architecture and strives to create a well-defined engineering and product development process.

Engineering management

Monitors and manages your tech resources to maintain quality and product reliability.

Trusted Advocate

Acts as a trusted advocate and represents your startup’s technical endeavors to angel investors, venture capital firms, or accelerators.

Tech Recruitment

Recruits, directs and leads development teams to finish projects successfully.

Product Engineering

Takes ownership of delivering a robust, high-quality, and sustainable product on budget and on time

Our experience of working for Startups

Our expertise of working with startups is deep-rooted in our history of transforming business ideas into effective tech solutions. Whether it is not being able to find, hire and retain the right people or the fear of running the show alone – we understand the problems faced by early-stage startups.

We have worked with innovative and disruptive startups and are well-versed in early-stage tech challenges. Our meticulously crafted process helps startups align their tech strategy, hire top talent, and stay ahead of the curve.

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Our process

Hire Fractional Chief Technological Officer for your Start-Up in just 4 simple steps.

Let's Talk

Schedule a Call

Fill out our contact form with your basic details and schedule a no-obligation meeting with our experts.


Discuss your Requirements

Tell us about your technology requirements and describe your project idea, current situation, challenges and goals.


We Align with Your Goals

Once we thoroughly understand what your CTO needs to accomplish. We will build a strategic plan tailored to your unique requirements.


Engagement and Execution

We can then seal the deal with a contract, and our tech and recruitment team engages to execute your plan.

Scale your startup with our fractional CTO services

Product Development

Our fractional CTO sets the technical direction for your product development to avoid redundancy and trial-and-error exercises. We support you all the way through building an MVP and successfully transitioning into a comprehensive product.

Strategic Guidance and Advisory

Expert opinion are essential for a strong foundation for your startup. The leadership of our experienced CTO services helps you build a rigorous product engineering practice.

Scalable Tech Team

Right from shortlisting candidates to scheduling interview rounds to actually conducting interviews – we source and hire the top engineers and developers to augment your team.

Investor Relations

Default can represent your startup as the tech partner. We strive to explain the value of your startup on a technical level to open the floodgates of investment.

Showcasing our clients

Our business model is based on customer referrals and success. More than 60 clients had chosen Default as their technology partner.

Why hire fractional CTO services from Default?

Default’s fractional CTO services are available on-demand – We support your technological ambitions, attract top talent, and deliver measurable results.

Tech Leadership

Retain Full Ownership

Methodical Hiring Process

Instant Onboarding

Vetted Developers


Breadth of Networks



One team, One Brief, One Objective

Get started

Your CTO is a make or break for your business

Let’s work together

Outsourcing CTO services is an innovative and cost-effective way to add technology leadership and seasoned team members to your firm. Default can offer the guidance you need, whether you’re just starting your business journey or want to improve your current processes.

Our services incur no long-term contracts and allow complete ownership of code and intellectual rights.

Access Default’s specialized tech talent pool to support your projects whenever you need.

The Default Way

Guiding principles we apply to lead your team, save resources and deliver results

Tech Leadership

Establish protocols for code quality

Select the right technology platforms

Define clear communication expectations

Make crucial architectural decisions

Implement best project management practices

Establish appropriate testing and deployment practices


Define a clear and well-organized hiring process.

Implement the right automation tools for smooth hiring operations.

Ensure a great developer experience.

Set up transparent procedures for salary and appraisals.

Establish the ideal mix of senior, midlevel, and junior engineers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the duration of fractional CTO services with Default?

The part time CTO services duration depends on your project's scope and goals. We work dedicatedly for your business as long as you require our assistance and expertise. 

What else can Default help with, apart from fractional CTO services?

A key benefit of partnering with us is that we have a well-run and established hiring process. We help you find and source niche tech talent within days (and not months) to help you get started right away. 

What will your fractional CTO services cost?

The requirements vary from startup to startup and so do the cost of our services. We can price your engagements in the below ways to fit your use case:

  • A monthly retainer
  • Agreed scope and cost
  • Ad-hoc hourly consulting

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