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Explode Your Business with SaaS

The Software as a Service (SaaS) industry has seen a 500% growth over the last 7 years. The sky is the limit for the SaaS market with a projected value of $208 billion in 2023!

The demand for SaaS solutions for businesses and consumers is only rising – and all you need to enter the arena is an idea. We’ll handle the rest.

Features Your SaaS Product Needs

There are a few typical features every great SaaS product should have – and we can equip your product with every single one of them. Read on to learn what they are and why you need them.

Multi-Tenancy Architecture

Serve multiple customers with a single instance of your software, while keeping their data separated and secure.

Multi-tenancy Architecture

Automated Provisioning

Manually onboarding and provisioning users at scale is just unrealistic. This feature allows users to access your SaaS at any time.

Single Sign On

Simplify the log-in flow for your users. Give them the choice to “Login with Google/Facebook”.

High Availability

Users expect your SaaS software to be accessible 24/7 across every timezone! We’ll build this for you.

Elastic Infrastructure

Built-in flexibility depending on usage. Dynamically reduce the resources used and save on infrastructure costs!

Data Security

From 2019-2021, cloud-based cyberattacks increased by over 100%. Pair this with all the industry-mandated compliances and encryptions. It’s a nightmare to set up on your own, so leave it to us.

Application Security

We’ll protect the SaaS application through Step-Up authentication (like password lock-out); multi-factor authentication; protection against DoS/DDoS; protection against buffer overflow attacks.

Rate Limiting/QoS

Really get to know your user base and manage important user segments


Give users business transaction logs to help them comply with government regulations and company-wide policies, or even to devise business strategies.

Here’s how SaaS Development Should Feel

From split focus to building a standout product, we know first-hand the problems you’ll face when trying to develop your SaaS product.

Default can make your day-to-day easier. We know what it takes to make the development process smooth and effective:


Start On Your

Working with Default means you start work on your dream product in days, not months. If you want to take it slow book a consult with one of our expert product leads.

Product Experts at your disposal

When you’re ready to go all in, our team will help you research and ideate the perfect feature set for your target market.

We Handle

Default will take your product from design to development to deployment

Quality Control and Final Touches

At each step, we perform rigorous tests to create a seamless SaaS product.

That’s not where it ends…

Once it’s in your user’s hands, we’ll provide the tech support too.

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What can Default
do for me?

Explore the end-to-end services our team provides to develop your SaaS software:


Are you looking for expert technical or strategic support? Speak to one of our SaaS product leads to set yourself up for success. In this free consultation, we’ll recommend a custom development roadmap that fits your product’s requirements and helps you achieve business objectives.

Design from an expert UX team

Our UX team will know your users better than you do by the end of the project. Backed by thorough user research, we’ll design a visually stunning, functionally seamless product that your clients love to use.

Security and Compliance Requirements:

Our UX team will know your users better than you do by the end of the project. Backed by thorough user research, we’ll design a visually stunning, functionally seamless product that your clients love to use.

Integration with Third-Party APIs

Upgrade your product’s functionality and increase its value by integrating it with third-party software. From {PENDING} we’ll manage all your API integrations.

Manual and Automated Testing

Our QA analysts go through all products with a fine-tooth comb, looking for bugs. We apply a rigorous testing procedure that employs both automated and manual tests to make sure no stone is left unturned.

Support and Maintenance

We also provide post-delivery support with a dedicated SaaS support team that will be assigned to your product. Default will continue to maintain and provide ongoing support to your product once it is in users’ hands.

Launch your Product with a Winning Marketing Website

At Default, we don’t just stop at developing your dream SaaS product – we can build your marketing website too. The success of a SaaS product depends on its ability to convert the right customers.

Our Webflow experts will create the perfect site for your product so you’re ready to launch your new SaaS product to the world!

Build My Site

Hire in-house or build with Default?

We could be biased, but we think hiring with Default is a no-brainer. Here’s how we compare to hiring someone in-house:

In-House Developer

  • More expensive – a salary, workstations, employee perks, insurance, bonuses, and rent on office spaces.

  • It’s expensive and slow to put together a killer internal team with the SaaS expertise you need.

  • The hiring process is very time and effort-intensive – and employee turnover is still a risk!


  • You only pay for the actual work – a remote team like ours comes fully equipped and ready to start on your next project

  • Default has a history of building high-quality SaaS products. You can expect quicker turnarounds from a team who has done this before.

  • Our dedicated team model reduces the time it takes for your product to go-to-market.

Why Default

Most remote development teams out there will build the same cookie-cutter product. If you’re looking for 'different': Welcome to Default.

We’re the go-to SaaS development company.

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Days, not months

Hiring a product team can take a long time. Start work in days not months with Default

Built to last

Robust, scalable, and high-quality code - written to last


Upfront and regular communication about your project with daily and weekly updates.


Get paired with teams that match your needs for a frictionless, flexible working environment.

Technologies we work on

20+ skills supported across various platforms and tech stacks.

Hire Developers
technologies available

Technologies we work on

To serve our customers better we have focused and developed expertise on few technologies. Go deep rather than wide!



Node JS


React Native


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Default specialize in industry-specific SaaS development?

Our team has years of experience developing in these industries:

  • Retail and e-Commerce

  • Education

  • Finance

  • Transport and Logistics

  • Entertainment and Media

  • Automotive

  • Healthcare

  • Advertising and Publishing

What is SOC 2 Compliance and Certification?

SOC stands for Systems and Organization Controls. It was created by the AICPA to independently audit a tech service business and review the security measures they use to protect the data in the cloud. SOC 2 specifically deals with the management of customer data.

We believe that every company has a responsibility to protect its users' information, and that the more data you have, the more likely it is that someone will get hurt. This is why our team at Default takes security so seriously. When you work with us, you can be sure our developers will create a secure system that fully complies with all legal requirements.

How long does it take to develop a SaaS product?

The quick answer: It depends.

For some, it takes a few months. For others, it takes years.

There are several factors involved in building a truly great SaaS product, like the development team’s skill and experience level or how complex your product is.

The good news is with Default you can start building in days – the quicker we

Book a free consult with us to get an idea of how long your product will take to become a reality.

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